Guess The Song: Hands Like Houses ‘Dissonants’ Edition

How well do you know 'Dissonants' by Hands Like Houses? Take our quiz to find out if you can match the lyrics to the correct song!

Created By CelebMix
On Mar 29, 2017
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"I won't look to the heavens, I found hell where I stand."

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"The art of balancing is lost on me, I don't know which way to fall into infinity."

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"I'm beating down the door, knuckles bloodied, broken, raw."

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"Your words are weary, their hearts are strained, and idle vows find the deepest pains."

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"It's never ending, a season I can't shake, a foreign winter, a curse I can't escape."

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"How did we get so old and never notice? How did we gain the world and lose the moment?"

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"Help me touch the ground, because all that's heavy in me still won't weigh me down."

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"We are all for none and none for all, we are the sickness and the symptom and the cure."

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"If you turned left, and I turned right; would the curves of the earth bring our paths back to cross again?"

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"A moment's reflection has given me a second chance to heal; a loss of connection in matching up my words to how I feel."

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"I don't care if I leave empty handed, I will learn if I make my own mistakes."

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"The earth starts to shake, the sky begins to fall, can you hear it coming down?"

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