How Much Can You Remember From The 2018 F1 Pre-Season?

Test your memory of the run-up to the 2018 F1 season with our latest quiz

Car Throttle
Created By Car Throttle
On Mar 15, 2018
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Which team was the first to reveal its 2018 contender?

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Which team boss said they'd like to cut off the Halo with a chainsaw?

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Which driver was the first to crash a 2018 car?

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Which team completed the most laps in the first Barcelona test?

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Most of day three of testing was lost to snowy conditions, but which driver set the fastest time on that day?

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Mercedes didn't bother going out in the snow and instead built this snowman - but can you remember what he was called?

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Sebastian Vettel set the fastest lap of testing, but what was the time?

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Which tyre compound did the Mercedes drivers set their fastest laps of testing with?

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Which driver completed the most laps of anyone across both tests?

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And which team completed the fewest laps?

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