In the times that we're living in, technology has made unbelievable advancement as compared to any time in the past. This evolution has redefined the life of man on almost every aspect. In fact, this evolution is an ongoing process and thus, human life on earth is improving constantly day in and day out. One of the latest inclusions in this aspect is cryptocurrencies.

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Self Storage coin also known as STORcoin is designed for the future trend for the Self Storage industry with the goal of becoming a dominant cryptocurrency that can be used in all aspects of the transactional nature of the Industry including Real Estate. Whether Commercial or Residential the entire RE industry has been slow to catch up to technology.

STORcoin like all other cryptocurrencies, is not like other regulated currencies such as the U.S. dollar, Euro or Japanese Yen and do not have the backing of a government or other body. It exists based on a nearly pure supply and demand economic basis. Regardless the fact that cryptocurrencies are not investments in the traditional sense they do have many similarities and have made individuals wealthy while many others have lost real money in the process. So what is the value of a cryptocurrency? As earlier mentioned it is their opinion that each Coin or Token changes in value based on a near perfect supply and demand basis. This is where management believes they augment the demand side of STORcoin through the continued use within the Self Storage Industry.

The nature of many consistent monthly payments and therefore demand for the STORcoins themselves should provide a continuous and growing demand side pressure on the long term value of the coin. This does not mean that price fluctuations will be avoided but the design of the coin and the marketing of its use is specifically done so that they enjoy that continuous demand for the coin as they permeate the Self Storage market both in the US and ultimately around the globe. This is unlike many other cryptocurrencies where there may be a brilliant idea but limited practical buy side demand which adds to long term value and reduced volatility. In the first several years of Storcoin existence is that the main focus of their team will be expanding the use and acceptance of STORcoin throughout the industry with incentives designed not only for customers but also the owners of the facilities.


As an example of the initial market strategy, Customers paying for storage will be offered STORcoin with a 10% discount when they purchase the coin. For example, they may buy additional coins from self storage coin to use for part of your payment and keep the bonus coins in reserve anticipating the future rent may be paid in less coins due to an increase in value. For the owner accepting these STORcoins, they will have the affinity program in place to directly reward to the owner in STORcoins for whatever Dollar equivalent value in coins they receive as payment from the customer. In this program the customer will in essence receive a lower cost for the monthly rent in real Dollars, thus making them more likely to patronize the STORcoin member facility. Also, the facility owner will receive a 10% bonus for coins accepted for payments which will be directed to the account of the owner's choice.


In light of all the commotion and debate surrounding cryptocurrencies, the integration of the technology into the global economies seem to be materialising hastily. Whether or not you believe in the future of the technology, the cryptocurrency rollercoaster is one worth your attention. As the continued use of Self Storage Coin expands, this Demand side of the Supply-Demand equation will continue to expand and by extension the value of Self Storage Coin will also increase in direct proportion to its acceptance in the marketplace.
Current customers that use any other cryptocurrency can convert their existing holdings into STORcoin simply and easily for payment to the Self Storage partners. Much of this can be done simply by adding to the advancements made in recent years throughout the industry while continuing to expand and promote the acceptance of STORcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. To be the dominant player they only focus on their core mission which is to make the Self Storage Coin a viable and durable option, secure and predictable based on solid technology with a long term vision.

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