Does Your Crush Like You?

Now that we've figured out who your secret crush is, does your crush like you back? It's the big question isn't it! Well, let's find out.

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Jul 8, 2019
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How many times does your crush look at you per day?

How does your crush stand when you're near them?

How does your crush respond when you ask them for something.

Are you chatting with your crush online?

Have you hung out with your crush before in a casual setting?

When you walk by your crush, do they become:

Has your crush ever blocked your pathway?

Is your crush being extra nice to your friends?



Wow! Your crush definitely likes you! They're probably thinking about you right now! Now who should make the first move...



Looks like this one's a little hot and cold. No fear, just wait it out for a bit. Maybe try talking to them and gage their crush-o-metre, if you feel it getting hot, then go for it!

Looks like it's a no....

Looks like it's a no....

Oh no! Well let's not give up complete hope! There's always the stalking option...but that's not exactly legal. Maybe you should set your sights on someone more worth your time.