How Well Do You Know NFL History?

How well do you know NFL history find out here.

Carl Kallies
Created By Carl Kallies
On Dec 28, 2018
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What team is the oldest team in the NFL?

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Who was the first Dallas Cowboys player to get into the hall of fame?

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What was the date when the NFL was made?

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Who was the First QB to get 7 TDs in one game?

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Who was the first RB to run for over 2,000 Yards in one season?

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In 1963 the NFL hall of fame opened to the public. But in 1962 two people were inducted into the hall of fame. One of them was George Halas who was the other one?

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What hall of fame QB has 273 TD's and 139 INT's?

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When Mike Ditka said "He was the greatest football player he has ever seen". Who was he talking about?

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What year was the Philadelphia Eagles founded?

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What was the date when Johnny Unitas die?

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