Could You Actually Be A Serial Killer?

Do you have all the classic traits of a cold-blooded killer?

Candice Ward
Created By Candice Ward
On Mar 29, 2017

What were you like as a child?

Which of these have you fantasized about?

What would you do if you saw a sparrow with a broken wing on the side of the road?

Do you wet the bed?

Have you ever set fire to something?

Do you ever hear voices in your head?

On the average Friday night, which of these activities sounds most like something you'd be doing?

Which of these girls would you approach on the street and strike a conversation with?

You could actually be a serial killer

You could actually be a serial killer

You could very well be a serial killer. You have a disturbing past, and you're fascinated by very dark, twisted and perverted things. Your sexual fantasies include a lot of violence and abnormal fetishes that most people wouldn't get pleasure from. You are a highly intelligent person who favors order, organization and perfection over mediocrity. The pain and sadness you experienced in your past, you have manifested into a desire to have control over other people and aspects in your life. Sometimes you drift off into fantasy world's where you can't quite discern between right and wrong, and that is why you could ACTUALLY be a serial killer. Watch out, world!

You could possibly be a serial killer

You could possibly be a serial killer

You could very well be a serial killer, but it's not for certain. You have sociopathic tendencies, and fantasize about violence, but it's unclear whether you would actually be ruthless and disturbed enough to carry out something serious. You have many of the classic signs of becoming a serial killer - a difficult upbringing, some pyromania, an affinity to harming animals. But it's possible that you're just a total weirdo and not some psycho murderer that we should worry about. Only time will tell....

You probably couldn't be serial killer

You probably couldn't be serial killer

You're probably not going to be a serial killer anytime soon. You had a fairly normal childhood, and you seem to be a regular kind of person. You don't have any of the classic signs of a killer, you respect all living creatures, you empathize with others, and you don't really feel the need to control everything around you, you're happy to go with the flow and enjoy what life has to offer. You should get your friends to take the test, you never know.... the person you least expect in your life, could be waiting to unleash their inner serial killer. muahahaha