Which Prayer Suits You?

This is the Th151 Creed Project (under Ray Aguas) for Group 1. The project is about creating a new version of the Catholic Creed. Our group presents the whole quiz (including all the questions, answers, and results) as the creed.

Camille Ruiz
Created By Camille Ruiz
On Feb 28, 2015

I am a...

I am...


I depend on God because...

I am limited because..

Almighty Creator

Almighty Creator

Great Creator,
All of creation has been brought to life by You.
We are in awe by Your generosity,
and overwhelmed by Your love.
As creatures, we could never grasp You.
But with Your love, it is You who holds us,
because You have created us,
and You continue to sustain us.
We are nothing without You.

Loving Father

Loving Father

Loving Father,
We are Your children borne out of Your love.
Lost in our autonomy, we have strayed away.
And so our hearts have become restless;
We realize that we could not find peace on our own.
So through Jesus, You have shown us the way back.
Now You wait for us to tread this path.
So that we may rest in You.