Cambridge Auto Wreckers – 100,000 Parts and Counting

Cambridge Wreckers
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On Dec 2, 2018
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Cambridge Auto Wreckers – 100,000 Parts and Counting

At Cambridge Auto Wreckers it is all about quality. With a location that sits on 11 acres of land – this establishment carries all automotive needs and then some. With a constantly growing inventory all of the latest automotive parts for and car or truck, Kitchener Auto Parts provides an efficient future forward program that allows them to scan their inventory as well as source out certain parts. With such a large inventory, customers always come away with what they need to sustain their vehicles. With an unbelievable number of 100,000 in stock parts there is no other automotive wrecking facility quite like it. There is also a system in place which encourages customers to visually walk around and pull your own parts depending on what your automotive needs are.

In addition to providing all types of used car parts Kitchener Auto Parts also sells all of your trucking needs as well. With everything from Engines, Fuel pumps, Axles, Calipers, Transmissions, Wheels/Tires, Alternators and so much more. Every part between the front and back of the vehicle or truck is available at Cambridge Auto Wreckers.

The parts that are on the lot at Cambridge Auto Wreckers have not only been cleaned but have been tested to ensure they are safe, functional and in good working condition before they are made ready to sell. If you are interested in donating your vehicle or truck, speaking with one of the educated staff will provide insight on what options are available to you – as well as go over the simple process of doing so.

The reason that people choose quality used automotive parts is because they are purchasing original OEM parts without having to pay OEM prices. This is the more price conscious route, which provides the same benefit to the car.

If you are looking to add longevity to your truck or car and need quality used automotive parts then calls the trusted team at Kitchener Auto Parts. They would be more than happy to answer questions, or visit them online at