QUIZ: How well do you know Orange is the New Black?

Trust no b*tch.

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On May 23, 2017
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There are no gentle starts in prison, so no easy first question for you. Who created Orange is the New Black?

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What's the name of the minimum security penitentiary where the show is set?

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Who sings the stuck-in-your-head opening credits song 'You've Got Time'?

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Which US state are the inmates incarcerated in?

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True or False: The area of Litchfield is a real place.

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One of the OITNB writers, Lauren Morelli, recently married one of the cast members. Which one?

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Scary Movie 2 had a famous 'Exorcist' parody, complete with a possessed little girl. Which OITNB actress is this?

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Everyone loves a good backstory. What was Rosa's crime?

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What put Sophia Burset behind bars?

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What does Big Boo's infamous (and real-life) arm tattoo say?

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In Season 3, Dayanara gives birth to her and Bennett's ______?

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What's Pornstache's real character name?

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Why is Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett in prison?

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What's the name of Piper's brother, who eventually helps her run a panty-selling business?

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What was Taystee's real name before Vee encouraged her to go by her nickname?

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Where was Poussey living when she developed a relationship with an army commander's daughter?

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What nickname did Suzanne 'Crazy-Eyes' Warren give to Piper when she wanted to be her prison wife?

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Which musical is Morello obsessed with, even having a poster of the show on her bedroom wall in the outside world?

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Which OITNB actress surprisingly played a memorable role in Star Trek: Voyager?

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This woman is seen crying every time Piper is on the phone. What do we discover is the main reason behind her tears?

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