Central York Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of Central York High School. All questions and answers came from last year’s editions of the school paper and website, The Prowler!

Buffy Andrews
Created By Buffy Andrews
On Aug 6, 2015
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At Central York Diversity Day 2015, the Keynote speaker was a member of the Little Rock 9. What was the speaker’s name?

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The Koller Classic, the annual state volleyball tournament named after retired Central coach Bruce Koller, will celebrate which birthday this year?

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Which two Central cousins are doubles partners on the Central tennis team?

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For the first time, Central High School opened two businesses last year. What were they?

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Which Central High School teacher was on his way to the airport to fly to Chicago on September 11, 2001?

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Who is the president of the Central York School Board?

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What 2015 Central graduate organized the first PIP (Perfectly Imperfect Project), a girls’ empowerment initiative?

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In last winter’s Poetry Out Loud competition, which student landed first place and went onto regional competition?

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Who were selected as Homecoming King and Queen last year?

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On May 15, Student Council and Interact Club sponsored a Glow Run and bonfire to benefit which non-profit?

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Which Central administrator serves in the Army National Guard and returned to a heroes welcome two years ago after a lengthy deployment?

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1996 Central graduate Neal Dodson recently produced an award-winning movie starring Jessica Chastain. What is the name of that movie?

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Christian, a Roundtown student, has been recognized nationally for his efforts to curb bullying. What was his invention?

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How much money did Central York High School earn for the Four Diamonds at last year’s THON?

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