Only 90's kids have watched all of these TV shows

Only true Gen-Zers can pass this test.

Rachel McMahon
Created by Rachel McMahon
On Aug 13, 2019
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Have you ever seen Blue's Clues?

How do you feel about this yellow sponge?

This show ring a bell?

Does this bring back good memories?

Remember Lazlo and friends?

Remember when this Wisconsin girl got her big break?

Remember surviving middle school w/ this kid?

Remember 'My Life As A Teenage Robot'?

Remember this little duck and her two best friends?

Remember busting a move with these two?

Remember being taken to a magical land with these two?

Remember 'Total Drama Island' and this crazy bunch?

Ever watched 'My Babysitter's A Vampire'?

Do you remember wanting to go to school at PCA?

Remember hanging at the mall w/ these teens?

Do these babies look familiar?

Remember these crime-fighting ten-year-olds?

WHO was in the house?!

You remember this talented dog?

Ever wake up in the morning and watch some 'Max and Ruby'?

Can you recall which show this villain is from?

Remember watching 'Dexter's Laboratory'?

Does this show look familiar?? Are the memories popping back?

Remember this blondie with the crazy good memory?

Remember this bear and his big blue house?

Has psychic visions and great dance moves?? Who could forget this teen?

Are you proud enough to say you watched this show?!

Do you remember 'Dave the Barbarian'?

Do you know what show these dancing lobsters are from?

You're not a Gen-Zer

You're not a Gen-Zer

You either don't know these classic shows... or you never watched them. Gen-Zers put their TV shows on a pedestal... and you aren't one of those people.

You're not an expert Gen-Zer... but you're still welcomed!

You're not an expert Gen-Zer... but you're still welcomed!

You may not know every-single-show or every-single-character... but you still know your stuff! Maybe you just aren't a big TV person!

You're a true Gen-Zer!!!

You're a true Gen-Zer!!!

A Gen-Zer with good taste! You know your stuff!!! You obviously were a big TV watcher and you watched the GOOD shows!