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Brian Mason
Created By Brian Mason
On Oct 22, 2017
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“We must eat to live and not live to eat” said by Molière in the Miser. That imposed a certain measure and restraint, far from the concept "at will": Fried chicken served atop breakfast waffles... Filling the belly 130% became easy today. But how easy is it for anyone to get it filled with the right food? Where can a stranger get top notched food service in a strange land, especially in a populated city as Shanghai, New York, Milan and Paris? 

It is no longer news that the young, when he leaves the family cocoon, is too lazy to cook and has no money so he eats frozen steaks at 2.5 Dollar on the 10th, and pasta with butter" Done good evening and very few adults actually find time to cook. A large percentage of people out there are contented with the greasy burger or tasty pizza served in the United States restaurant.

It may have been a reality four years ago. Today it's different. We observe that the young people have realized the importance of eating well. They are more than 38% never to consume junk or tasteless food. More than 55% would patronize eateries with excellent tasty foods and read articles regarding new variety and recipe online.
When traveling abroad, we do not necessarily know the places not to be missed and it is therefore rather complicated to find and choose a restaurant. This has kept me on the search, and just recently I got to discover a new platform by Giovanbattista Cimmino a Milan based entrepreneur, that provide answers to my posed questions.

Restaurants time actually has records of top notch restaurants around Shanghai, New York, London and Paris where healthy food seekers can get their appetite filled and satisfied. Get to find out restaurants around you and read cool stuffs on awesome food recipes that’ll keep you afloat.
I also got to know it allows users especially bloggers have a shot on publicity using top influencers pages after making their suggestions and experiences known.
Lovers of unusual restaurants in Paris, and shanghai used to Sunday brunch in Lyon, lovers looking for a romantic atmosphere or a restaurant for Valentine's Day, follow the guide and discover the best restaurants in Paris or shanghai, among more than 20,000 addresses.

Sure, you can make do with Google search on your mobile device, but websites like this save you the stress of scanning through all the title pop-ups on search engines.