Do You Remember "The Muppet Christmas Carol"?

Everyone loves the Muppets take on the classic Dickens tale — but how much do you remember from your last viewing?

Brad Jones
Created by Brad Jones
On Dec 22, 2014
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In what year was the film released to cinemas?

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The film is based on the classic novel by which noted author?

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The 'Micklewhite' store seen in the film is a reference to which member of the cast and crew?

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Actor Steve Whitmire was nervous about taking over the voice of which Muppet for the movie following the passing of creator Jim Henson?

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A song called 'When Love is Gone' was omitted from the film's theatrical release for what reason?

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How many Muppet movies had been released theatrically before Christmas Carol?

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What is being referenced in the scene where Jacob and Robert Marley are surrounded by wailing cash boxes?

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What series trademark can be seen at the end of the song 'One More Sleep'?

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Which popular Muppets have a tavern named after them in the movie?

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Which of these comedians was considered for Scrooge ahead of Michael Caine's casting?

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Which of the following is listed in the closing credits?

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The character of Mr. Fezziwig from the novel is portrayed by which Muppet character?

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Which of these characters did not appear in the original text?

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Inkspots, Begoony and Wander McMooch appear in the movie to represent which other Jim Henson creation?

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Which was the next Muppet movie after Christmas Carol?

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