How Well Do You Know Johnny Depp?

Do you know the beloved Johnny Depp as well as you think you do? Take this quiz to find out!


Beth Watson
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On Mar 25, 2015
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In Empire (UK) Magazine's 'The Top-100 Movie Stars of All Time' list, what ranking is Johnny Depp?

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What was Johnny Depp allergic to as a child?

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When was Johnny Depp born?

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Who first showed interest in Johnny Depp, and got him his first acting gig?

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What was the first band Johnny Depp played guitar for?

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In 'Benny & Joon', what does Johnny Depp use to make grilled cheese?

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How old was Johnny Depp when he dropped out of school to become a musician?

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When did Johnny Depp get his 'Betty Sue' tattoo?

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In Empire magazine's '100 Sexiest Stars in Film History', which rating was Johnny Depp?

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What is the name of the song on one of Oasis albums in which Johnny Depp plays a slide guitar solo?

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Which 1980's TV show made Johnny Depp a star?

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How many children does Johnny Depp have?

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What is Johnny Depp's character's occupation in 'The Ninth Gate'?

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How many silver teeth does Johnny Depp have?

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What year did 'Edward Scissorhands' come out?

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What Sacramento-based band wrote a song called 'Johnny Depp'?

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What three things is Johnny Depp scared of the most?

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Where was Johnny Depp born?

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What is the name of the club he once co-owned in LA?

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In what movie does Johnny Depp have a mentally challenged brother?

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How many articles of clothing has Johnny Depp worn the most of at one time?

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What is Johnny Depp's second language?

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When was Johnny Depp arrested for being in a fight with the paparazzi in front of a restaurant in London?

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How old was Johnny Depp when he first married?

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On 'A Nightmare on Elm Street', what character does Johnny Depp portray?

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In which 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie does Johnny Depp say, "But why is the rum gone?"

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How many tattoos does Johnny Depp have?

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Which Tim Burton film was Johnny Depp NOT a part of?

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Johnny Depp was arrested for trashing a New York hotel room. Which animal did he claim responsible?

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What magazine chose Johnny Depp as one of the '50 Most Beautiful People in the World'?

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