Would you support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

If you're having a hard time deciding between the two of them, this quiz would help you decide. If you support one of the two, then let us guess who you're supporting!

AquaHeart Dragon
On Mar 29, 2017

Which party do you support: Democrat or Republican?

Do you support women's rights?

Your opponent insults you and says all kinds of things about you that are either half-truths or things you don't want to admit. Reactions?

What are your opinions about Mexico?

Would you rather...

Do you think there's going to be another presidential assassination after either Trump or Hillary comes on?

How good is your emotional endurance?

Favorite color...

Almost there... Do you mind being racist or sexist or country-ist?

Last question! Which of the following is the greatest deal right now?



You're a Trump person. You believe in strength of the country against its adversaries as a main idea, and are not afraid to be a little off the top in proving your statements. Good luck getting in the votes to make Trump win!



You're a Hillary person. You believe in women's rights and improving the international bonds as a main idea, and you admire her amazing emotional endurance and despise Trump's brash ways. Good luck getting in the votes to make Hillary win!



You would not support either of them. SO WHY ARE YOU AT THIS QUIZ?! (NOT SORRY FOR ALL CAPS BTW) You lack political interest and opinion, but that's all right - quite a bit of folks are like you. It's all right to not care about politics, just don't complain when the country plunges as a result.