How Much Do You Actually Know About Ebola?

An American doctor is being treated in a specialized hospital unit in Atlanta, Georgia, after becoming the first person with the disease to arrive on US soil. Find out how much you already know about Ebola, and learn what you don't!

Benjamin Birely
Created by Benjamin Birely
On Nov 4, 2016
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Is Ebola a virus or a Bacteria?

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When was Ebola first discovered?

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How is Ebola spread?

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How many days does it take for Ebola to take effect?

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What are the first symptoms?

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What is Ebola's fatality rate?

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Ebola is distantly related to Rabies.

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Ebola was originally transmitted to humans from animals.

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Which of the following names is Ebola also known as?

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Has there been an Ebola outbreak in the United States or Europe?

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