Can You Solve A Murder Case?

Do you have what it takes to get to the bottom of it? Are you a master detective? Let's find out!

Benjamin Birely
Created by Benjamin Birely
On Oct 22, 2018

What's strange about this crime scene?

What's the next number in this sequence?

Choose your favorite murder mystery TV series

You arrive at a perfectly cleaned crime scene. Where would you likely look for evidence?

Based on this image, how was the victim murdered?

How can this be?

This person's face is expressing...

What does DNA stand for?

Two of the following statements are false. How did the man die?

How observant do you think you actually are?

Master Detective

Master Detective

You're a Master Detective! Look out Sherlock Holmes, there's a new super-sleuth in town! You could solve even the most mysterious of murders! You're clever, cunning, calculating and incredibly observant. You see the world through a unique lense and you have a mind built for solving mysteries. Maybe it's a photographic memory or just a knack for paying attention to the details, but nothing gets past you! You have a remarkable ability to put the pieces of any puzzle together in order to untangle the facts. Give your local police department a call, because chances are they need someone like you! What do you think about being a master detective? Let us know in the comments!

Private Eye

Private Eye

You're a Private Eye! You have serious potential when it comes to solving even the most complex and gruesome murders! You're observant, and when all else fails, you rely on practical sense and your gut. You have a strong intuition and with a little help from lady luck, you often stumble upon the key evidence needed to solve any mystery. You may need to call a master detective to sort out the more complicated details, but your hunch always turns out to be dead-on. You're smart, dedicated and clever. We think it's time to print you some new business cards, because you're the latest and greatest private eye in town! What do you think about being a private eye? Let us know in the comments!

Rookie Gumshoe

Rookie Gumshoe

You're a Rookie Gumshoe! You haven't yet perfected your detective skills, but you've got significant potential in becoming the next great Sherlock Holmes! Maybe solving a murder isn't yet your forte, but you've got the eye of a young detective who will someday go down in history for solving a complex and mysterious murder case. You have that famous intuition that makes all detectives tick. We suggest you watch some murder mysteries and brush up on your observation skills. What do you think about being a rookie? Let us know in the comments!