How Conservative Are You?

You might love or loath The Conservative Party but let's find out how Conservative you really are!

Ben Howard
Created By Ben Howard
On Apr 16, 2015

Do you think immigration is a good thing?

Do you believe benefits should be cut for some people?

Should there be increased taxes for the super wealthy?

Do you believe in gay marriage?

Is sex before marriage okay?

Should citizenship exams for immigrants be harder to pass?

Should working-class people have a better chance of attending elite universities?

Should bankers face more legal action because of the recession between 2008-2010?

Was Margaret Thatcher good for Britain?

Are you right wing?

Very Conservative

Very Conservative

You are Very Conservative!

You are a person who is proud to be British. You probably went to University and have worked all your life in a good job. You think that anyone can do well in the country with drive and honest hard work. You have strong views on immigration and the benefits system. You detest people who choose not to work. You also feel that we are better off outside the European Union. You enjoy the high life and you feel you are entitled to it as you have worked for it.

Quite Conservative

Quite Conservative

You are Quite Conservative!

You are one who enjoys Britain and the people within it. You have a good education behind you and are working in a comfortable job. You believe that Britain is a great country but you should work to keep it great. You have no time for people who choose not to work. You are happy for people from other countries coming to the UK but they have to be of a high caliber and not just come here and live off the state. You also think the coalition government with the Liberal Democrats is a good thing.

Not Really Conservative

Not Really Conservative

You're Not Really Conservative!

You are one who is fed up with the government. You understand it's been hard with the recent recession but there has also been a lot of false promises made. You grew up in a working to middle class neighborhood. You have a good job working with your trade which you gained from college. You want increased benefits for people struggling to make the minimum wage but also understand people take advantage of the system. You feel drugs such as marijuana should be legalized.

Not Conservative At All

Not Conservative At All

You are Not Conservative At All!

You are anti-establishment. You feel that the government is in favor of the rich. You want a change in this coming election. You have worked hard all your life and have done okay. You may or may not have gone to University but to you that doesn't matter. You feel that working-class people are not a priority for the government and your voice needs to be heard.