Last Night Was The Best Super Bowl Of All-Time And The Internet Acted Accordingly

Check out the best tweets from last night's epic game.

The game started off with a breathtaking and somewhat edited version of "America The Beautiful" by Hamilton's Schuyler Sisters.

The Internet had some fun with the fact that George H. W. Bush came to the game but did not attend Trump's inauguration.

The game started a little slow and the score was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter.... WAIT IT WASN'T THAT BORING!!

Donald Trump hosted his own Super Bowl party and proved that even Presidents use the dollar store football decorations.

Before long Julio Jones was back to his ridiculous form and the Falcons went up 21-0.

Some companies like 84 Lumber and Budweiser used their Super Bowl ads to make commentary on recent political issues.

With the Patriots eventually going down 28-3, the memes poured in.

Even Tom Brady couldn't contain himself

The score was 21-3 at halftime an.... OH MY GOD LADY GAGA JUST JUMPED OFF THE ROOF

After an amazing set, Lady Gaga ended it in Super Bowl fashion.

The Falcons were ready to go for the second half!


The Patriots marched back into the game and Julian Edelman made a catch so crazy even the NFL had no idea what to say.

The Patriots ended up tying the game with the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history to force the first ever overtime in a Super Bowl... BUT CAN WE PLEASE SEE THAT CATCH AGAIN?!?!

NFL fans reacted the only way they knew how, by booing Commissioner Roger Goodell

Tom Brady and the Patriots got the last laugh and even LeBron James had to recognize

What was your favorite moment from Super Bowl LI?