Extinction Rebellion Protest

Extinction Rebellion members protest against Leeds Bradford Airport expansion

Protest at roundabout

A group of around 30 members of Extinction Rebellion are stood around the roundabout holding placards and waving at cars.

Three police liaison officers attended the peaceful protest for a short period.

Reasons for protest

Extinction Rebellion (ER) are calling on Leeds City Council to withdraw its endorsement of the expansion and to refuse to fund more roads to accommodate it.

They say the council is contradicting its own declaration of a 'climate emergency', which councillors made in March after pressure from the Leeds Youth Strike for Climate campaigners.

Sarah Ducker, 45 - first time protestor

Sarah said: "People still need to fly because of the world we live in.

"But I think increasing the flying is bonkers and we all need to reduce the amount which we do.

"I am a local resident, I just thing it is totally bonkers, I am not happy about it.

"I have not had time to look at the plans in detail, I have not had time."

We are in an emergency, global warning is a fact and we are rapidly reaching a point of no return."
Ian Coatman - Protestor

Ian Coatman - Protestor

"We have got to start now.

"The last thing we want to be doing is expanding the airport and encouraging more cars.

"I guess most people understand that but they may not know Leeds is in the midst of a medical emergency.

"We have 700 people who die from traffic pollution a year.

"We are the tenth worst city in Europe for traffic pollution.

"Leeds City Council announced a climate emergency in March.

"Unfortunately, their actions are not matching their promises."

No more planes, use your brains."
I feel that an expansion of the airport will add to noise and traffic pollution. Even with a new access railway station it will inevitably - with an increase to 7m passengers - lead to a lot more traffic on these roads."
Councillor Mick Bradley - Green Party Otley

Comment from Leeds Bradford Airport

“We work in collaboration with our partners to minimise our impact on the environment and we value the feedback of interest groups.
Hywel Rees, CEO of Leeds Bradford Airport
Air travel is increasingly essential to our region’s growth and economy and we always endeavour to balance that with regulatory obligations, which includes a responsibility to the environment.”
Hywel Rees, CEO of Leeds Bradford Airport