Ackley Bridge locations quiz

Filming locations for series two of Ackley Bridge

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Let's start with an easy one. Which Calderdale school is the home of Ackley Bridge College?

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Where was Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh bowling when this confrontation took place?

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Do you know which market it was where these alpacas were sold to a butcher?

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Which Halifax venue did this awkward conversation take place in?

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This iconic landmark was in Missy Booth's nightmare, but do you know which it is?

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Anyone recognise this Calderdale location which was used for Ackley Bridge's roller disco?

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Do you know where Missy Booth and her mum had a heart to heart in the penultimate episode?

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Recognise this shop in Halifax town centre?

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Did you spot where this street was in episode ten?

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Recognise the venue of this university reunion?

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Ackley Bridge town centre made an appearance this series. Do you know which Calderdale town it was filmed in?

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This bench is close to a popular Calderdale walking spot. Do you know which one?

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Do you know where this house is?

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Do you know which Halifax pub window Nas climbed out of to escape a horrendous date?

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These flats were also used in series two of Happy Valley. Do you remember where they are?

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