Everything You Wanted to Know about Kayaks & Fishing Quiz

Do you want to learn the ins and outs from a kayak angling expert? Take the quiz to test your knowledge. You could learn new tricks about kayaking and fishing before you get back in the water.

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On Jul 31, 2017
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What term is used to describe the access points to the storage compartments on a kayak?

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The __________ and __________ of a kayak is going to affect how easily it can be controlled.

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The more stable the kayak, the __________ it will typically be.

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What is the curve at the bottom of the kayak called?

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One of the best perks to kayak fishing is that:

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Being __________ and __________ makes a kayak hard to propel it efficiently as well as track.

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What questions should you ask yourself before purchasing a fishing kayak?

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Typically, the longer the kayak in overall size, the __________ it is.

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Three of the most typical fishing rod holders for kayaks include the:

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The most common anchor weight in the kayak fishing community is the:

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The solution for switching anchoring points from bow to stern is an ingenious device called an __________ __________.

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If you don’t want to stop your kayak completely, a __________ __________ is a good alternative to an anchor, to just merely slow you down.

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A general rule of thumb when kayak fishing to avoid flipping over is to:

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If you’re fishing in saltwater or freshwater in the southern states, a fish stringer could be a bad idea because:

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If you end up fighting wind while kayak fishing, the trick is to:

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