21 Dogs Losing Their Borkin Minds That Prove Why BarkBox is The Best Gift for Doggos

We could explain all the ways your dog will go wild when they know their BarkBox has finally arrived and how they'll think of nothing but treats and squeaks and crinkles. But isn't it way more fun if we just show you instead?

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On Nov 27, 2019
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1. Luca Goes Chompers First


Everyone knows that the chompers are the most effective way to get to the goods.

See for yourself, get your own BarkBox now.

2. With a Little Help from my Hooman


After some effort and a little assistance, this ween finally made it in and escaped with the first prize her snoot touched.

Help your dog out with their very own BarkBox!

3. Daisy Opens Her Box in Style


Who cares about taking off your coat when there's a BRAND NEW BarkBox just waiting to be opened??

If she can't wait, why should you?

4. Draymond's Not-So-Sneak Attack


Maybe this dedicated daredevil's plan of attack didn't go quite as planned but it's the effort that counts!!

Doooooo ittttt. Get that BarkBox.

5. Shake it Like a Polaroid


The box may be opened and gone but this battle has just begun. A classic case of Pineapple vs. Floof won't stop until the pineapple is gone...and another battle is found inside.

See it for yourself!

6. Good to the Last Bite


This quick timelapse proves that the box can be just as much fun as what comes inside. Who knew?

Go ahead, bite the box like Barney.

7. Keep Your Friends Close and Your Toys Closer


Princess knows the importance of protecting what's important to you, aka this newly created toy and treat kingdom.

How about now? BarkBox?

8. Casper's Wild Box Chase


This Super Chewer is willing to follow his moving box to the ends of the Earth...ok fine, maybe just the end of the hallway.

Ok what about a SUPER CHEWER box?

9. A Tail Wag Worth 1000 Words


We're pretty sure Willy's favorite holiday is BarkBox day. He didn't tell us but the tail gave it away.

Wag along with Willy.

10. On Your Mark, Get Set, OPEN!


Sometimes, other people have to show restraint for you and THEN you can put all your energy into destroying the box.

Be like Dixie, get that box.

11. Smol n' Curious


All jumps for joy and curious sniffs from these two once they lay their eyes on the latest prize.

Don't you want to see your dog THIS excited?

12. Frank and Tupac Tag Team a BarkBox


Some of us spend our time inspecting all the goods, others just take the toys and run. Different strokes for different doggos.

We want to see your style.

13. Three Sniffs for BarkBox


These two know the importance of a thorough sniff search and were more than happy to lend a nose for this special case.

Give it a sniff yourself, see what you think.

14. Ziva Goes to Great Heights


You know that feeling when you try to sneak a bite of dinner before it's done and you get caught? Ya, so does this bold boi.

Are you still only considering this?

15. Lily vs. Box


Giving it 110%, this little lady is willing to do anything to get to the goods. That's a hustle we know how to appreciate.

Go on ahead and get your pupper this box.

16. Bunni Goes Pie First


In true Thankstuffing style, Bunni knows the best way to go about this holiday is to dive right in and run away with the dessert.

Do you want a BarkBox yet?

17. BarkBox and Chill


Molly teaches us that the only thing better than opening a BarkBox is getting to do it in your bed.

Try it out yourself.

18. Harvey Tells It Like It Is


This extra vocal pup is desperately trying to explain that this is no time to play games but it IS the time to play with new BarkBox toys.

She made a good point, right? Try it for yourself.

19. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


BarkBox or Bin of Bark toys, the best way to choose what you want is to go in snoot first. And then, full body, of course.

For the love of dog, start your collection already.

20. No Pictures Plz


You'd have a hard time sitting through pictures to if all these new goodies were right next to you just waiting to be played with!

You don't have to just look at them either. Get your own!

21. The Final Journey


Callie wraps up all the BarkBox stages in this vid. Anticipation, unveiling, toy testing, fun having. What more could you want?

You seriously haven't clicked this yet?