Which Fowler sister are you?

Lily. Violet. Rose. Three sisters who embody the beauty--and the traits--of the flower names they hold. In Monica Murphy's new contemporary romance series, these three sisters will find love and their destiny. Find out which one of these sisters you are!

Ballantine Dell
Created by Ballantine Dell
On Feb 1, 2015

Let’s start off: what describes you the best?

Okay. Easy question now: what makes the ideal first date?

Every girl has a signature scent: what would be your perfume scent?

Dream guy alert: what’s your ideal guy?

Back to the easy questions: what’s your go-to outfit?

Time to escape winter: what’s the ideal vacation spot?

Let’s get truthful here: what do you envy about your other sisters?

Don’t be shy: what’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?

Grandma taught you well: what would you never be caught dead without?

Time to reveal your secret weapon: what draws guys to you?

You are Violet!

You are Violet!

You are the middle child -- calm, the problem-solver, the no-drama, obedient child. Yet, you also act like the oldest child, as you are ambitious and you are primed to take over the family business. A leader, you no longer take any bullshit from anyone and will make your mark on the business. With love, you no longer take any bullshit either: you are destined to be with someone who sees you as an equal. In the bedroom, however, you don't mind being dominated by the sexy man in your life.

Check out Violet's sizzling story as she makes her mark in the family business -- and falls in love with the extremely sexy Ryder -- in OWNING VIOLET, the first book in the Fowler sisters trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy!

You are Rose!

You are Rose!

The baby. The youngest sister. Although everyone treats you like so, you are ready to make your own way and figure out what you want. You've got a fresh outlook on life and won't let anyone stop you from following your dreams--and what your heart wants. You’ve got the heart-shaped face of an angel, with a less than innocent side in the bedroom.

Meet the feisty youngest sister of the Fowler family in STEALING ROSE -- watch Rose get more than she bargained for, when her heart is stolen by the mysterious stranger Caden — the second book in the Fowler sisters trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy!

You are Lily!

You are Lily!

The oldest. The most famous--or infamous. And the problem child, according to your family -- and the tabloids. Your wild side took over when you were a teenager, as you rebelled against the secrets and lies and tried to figure out what you really want in life. Now, as an adult, you're ready to show the world that you're no longer that wild child, but ready to lead a quiet life with the love of your life. The wild child is still there, though, in the bedroom -- she's just looking for the right man to tame her.

Meet LILY, the bad girl of the family, in TAMING LILY - the third book in the Fowler sisters trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy!