What Is Your Superhero Archetype?

A psychologist was caught in a lab accident that melded his comic book collection with a tome on Jungian archetypes and this quiz was born!

Avander Promentory
Created by Avander Promentory
On May 26, 2019

Ultimately, you put your faith and trust in...

What's your favorite fairy tale?

Which is most essential?

Ultimately, your living soul is primarily...

Team player or lone wolf?

Mysteriously transported to the future, you...

You "need to know." You turn to...

Harry Potter sorting:

Let's delve into your collective unconscious and pull out a totem. From the following greatest movie mash-up ever, which character would you like to be?

To defeat this foe, dig deep within and summon your...

It's time to recharge your batteries, you:

When having conversations, do you prefer to deal in abstracts or the concrete?

Upon which kinds of evidence and reasoning do you most rely?

You most often get accused of being...

Pick a side:

A-1 Paragon; Uber-man

A-1 Paragon; Uber-man

ULS Classification: A-1
Label: Uber-man; Paragon
Powerset: Better at everything; Superhero lottery; Leadership skills; Strength (both physical and character); Resolve; Big heart
Notable Members: Superman, Captain America, and, apparently, You!

Faster, Stronger, Better. You do it all with a smile.
But you are more than a pretty face and amazing powers, you are an icon--a living symbol.
People look up to you. You have the ability to inspire, just as you take inspiration from your fellow man.

Genre Savvy Hint: You may want to consider Blue and Red your mandatory costume colors.
Quote: "Truth, Justice, Great Power, and Greater Responsibility"

B-2 Enhanced/Enabled

B-2 Enhanced/Enabled

ULS Classification: B-2
Label: Enhanced/Enabled
Powerset: Peak human level fighting ability; genius-level tactical strategy; superior intelligence; specialized gadgetry
Notable Members: Batman, Iron Man, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Punisher

Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.
Some may say that "money is the best superpower," but they don't get it. Lots of guys have money (and butlers), but your power isn't from your vast reserves of wealth, it's from yourself. You've trained and honed your skills and you even have all the most wonderful toys.

Look, the gadgets make the man, and you've made the gadgets, so you're really a self made man (or woman). Although the butler does help.

Haters gonna hate. Whatever. You got more important things going on-- Like saving the day from evil-doers or saving the night at a swinging club for socialites. So don your protective armor and let the hits keep on coming, you got this!

Genre-Savvy Note: Hey, sorry about your parents. That's rough.

C-3 Myth & Magic

C-3 Myth & Magic

ULS Classification: C-3
Label: Myth and Magic
Powerset: Various transmundane abilities sourced in non-natural and unscientific origins (e.g., preternatural strength, endurance, or perception; special abilities such as healing others, opening transdimensional portals, etc., communicating with supernatural beings)
Notable Members: Wonder Woman, Thor, Captain Marvel (DC), Dr. Strange, etc.

Out of the pages of myth and legend, you step-nay-stride with a bold and unconquerable spirit.
You need no introduction, you're the one they call when the chips are down and they need a miracle. You put the "Deus Ex" in "Deus ex Machina."

You regularly face down demons (both inner and outer) that would make lesser men faint (although, to be fair, you've made quite a few people swoon yourself ;) Noble of spirit, you have high ideals and a creed you must live up to. Beware deviations from your true quest, you were born for higher things and cannot suffer yourself to get entangled with the temptations of a prodigal mortal life.

Genre Savvy Hint: When consorting with mortals, try and speak to them in their own language, in terms they can understand. I know it's tempting to be intimidating and impressive, but trust me, you already are. Sometimes it's important just to be relatable too.
Quote: "Verily"

D-4 Mentalist

D-4 Mentalist

ULS Classification: D-4
Label: Mentalist
Powerset: Telepathy; Clairvoyance; ESP; Precogniscience; Dream and thought manipulation, Psychometry
Notable Members: Professor X; Martian Manhunter; Moondragon; Psylocke

Yours is the realm of the mind. You not only have vast mental powers over your own mind, but also can likely affect the minds of others--please use your gifts responsibly!

Your supernatural gifts are likely augmented by sheer intelligence, yet despite your seeming superiority to all those around you, you find yourself fascinated by other people. What makes them tick? Who are these other (less talented) beings you are surrounded by? How do they live without knowing what's going to happen 5 minutes into the future, and why do they always seem so annoyed when I tell them? These are questions you may find yourself perpetually investigating.

Best of luck in your explorations of the rich and fertile mindscape and "stay outta my head!"

Genre-Savvy Hint: Take time away from people for a secluded walk in the woods or something. Get away from all the "bustling booming confusion" of a million voices pounding in your head constantly--we wouldn't want you to go crazy!
Seriously, we really don't want you to go crazy.

E-5 Elementalist

E-5 Elementalist

ULS Classification: E-5
Label: Elementalist
Powerset: Element (water, wind, earth, fire) manipulation; communication with animals, nature empathy, animalistic characteristics (specific or general)
Notable Members: Storm. Iceman, The Human Torch, Aquaman, Animal Man,

As an elementalist, you are the most centered of the superheroes--whether you talk to animals, commune with nature, command the waves and the winds, or simply turn into a beast, you have an inner nature that is in touch with meaningful connections around you.

Some might think you're quiet, but they would not do well to underestimate you, nor the awesome power of the untamed heart that beats just below the surface.

Genre-Savvy Hint: In civilized society, we wear clothes. And shoes. Like all the time. (I know communing with the woodland creatures you might prefer to be au naturale, but in the realm of men, it's 'no shoes, no service.')
Quote: "Let it go; let it go..."

F-6 Fundemental Forces

F-6 Fundemental Forces

ULS Classification:F-6
Label: Fundamental Forces
Powerset: Manipulate/control forces of physics and similar characteristic (e.g. gravity, light, magnetism, density, probability, etc.); telekinesis
Notable Members: Invisible Woman, Marvel Girl, Magneto, Shadowcat, Vision, Flash

If people ignore you, it's their loss (or their DOOM). While not always as flashy as the big hulking smashers of brick walls, it's no exaggeration to say that you just very well might be the most powerful member of your superteam. Watch out for the quiet one indeed!

Your particular skill set also means you have likely had to spend more time learning and developing your powers--yours are not the sort of abilities that any idiot can wield like a blunt instrument--You have power, but it requires... finesse.

"Mind over matter" is a trite expression that has reached its zenith in yourself as you are always mentally controlling your environment, reshaping it to suit your vision--or more likely, putting things back in wisdom and order after the chaos of the wall-smashers!

Genre-Savvy Tip: As you walk through walls of life, remember, some borders and barriers are there for a reason!

G-7 Cosmic Guardian

G-7 Cosmic Guardian

ULS Classification: G-7
Label: Cosmic Guardian
Powerset: Power Cosmic; Cosmic Awareness; Intergalactic Travel
Notable Members: Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel (Marvel), Nova,

In the far distant reaches of space
You stand

Protector of those who don't know you
From threats they know not
Custodian of the Power Cosmic
That is you

You used to be just an ordinary Joe--worrying about the 9-5, the weather, the rent. But that's so mundane now. You've been places, seen things, that no human has ever seen before-transcendent vistas and unspeakable terrors-and you are forever changed.

Phenomenal cosmic power and all eternity as your living space, you search for meaning and purpose among the stars. Few have been entrusted with such great power, but your noble and unconquerable spirit, your unquestioned integrity, suggested that the powers that be have made a good choice in vouchsafing the power cosmic within you.

Genre-savvy hint: as your free spirit soars the cosmos, don't forget your humanity. Your connection to the ordinary and mundane may just save you one day
Quote: Such' ihn über'm Sternenzelt!
Über Sternen muss er wohnen

H-8 Morphee

H-8 Morphee

ULS Classification: H-8
Label: Morphee
Powerset: Shapeshifting; Regenerative Healing Factor; Manipulate own Size (growth/shrinking), Self-duplication
Notable Members: Mr. Fantastic, Morph, Plastic Man, Elongated Man, Elastigirl, Mystique, The Cheerleader (TV), Ant-man, Giganta, Triplicate Girl, Multiple Man

Flexibility and adaptability are your defining features. You can go with the flow and adapt to almost any situation you find yourself in. Because the world around you is always changing, but no matter what comes and goes, you'll still be here.

Despite your capacity for versatility, you are actually astonishingly reliable. You put on a good show when you're around others, but you have a strong independent streak. Some of your loud and flashiness is just a cover--inside you hide a world beyond what anyone from the outside would guess.

Keep on doing your part (even if that part is always changing) and you'll do all right.

Genre-Savvy Advice: You may find yourself often in the role of jester or trickster on your team, but you may want to be careful to not over-do it--It may also be helpful to know a little bit about your hidden depths.