Can You Pass the Class?

Test your knowledge by answering questions relating to different high school subjects. At the end, be graded and see if you pass with flying colors or fail horribly.

Autumn Wilhide
Created by Autumn Wilhide
On Nov 7, 2014
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BIOLOGY: What is the role of mitochondria in an animal cell?

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ALGEBRA: Solve for "x" in the following equation. 89 + 12(-14 + 13) = 7x

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ENGLISH: Identify any errors in the following sentence. "The boys placed their books over there on the table; and now, they're going to play a game.

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GEOGRAPHY: Which South American country is known for its pampas?

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CHEMISTRY: Which of the following elements is a halogen?

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PHYSICS: What is Newton's Third Law of Motion?

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U.S. HISTORY: Who was the 34th President of the United States?

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ART: Which of these paintings was done by Vincent Van Gogh?

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LITERATURE: Which author wrote the novel, "Ulysses"?

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ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY: The adrenal glands on top of the kidneys are a part of which body system?

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