Do You Know The Answers To These Middle School-Level Questions?

Test your back-to-school knowledge with these sample questions from a middle school Quiz Bowl question set.

Ashley Loose
Created By Ashley Loose
On Aug 23, 2015
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In economics, for what does the acronym GNP stand?

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What is the largest two-digit prime number less than 100?

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According to legend, what was the name of King Arthur’s sword?

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Find the value of 7 cubed, or 7 to the third power.

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Which element’s chemical symbol is Sn?

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Identify the Constitutional amendment that granted freedom to the slaves.

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What is the name of the bone between the knee and the hips?

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Give the female form of the noun "aviator."

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By purpose, how is the following sentence classified: "Take out the trash, please."

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What name is given to a word or phrase that is spelled the same forward and backward, such as "pop", or "Madam, I’m Adam?"

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A 50 lb. boy is sitting 4 feet from the center of a seesaw. How far from the center will a 40 lb. boy have to sit to achieve balance?

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What class of colonial servant could gain his freedom after he worked for an overseer
for a fixed period of time without pay?

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What is the capital city of Kentucky?

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A C.D. is on sale for $12.00. If the sale price is 25% off the original cost--what was the original price?

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Which U.S. President’s policy was known as the "New Frontier?"

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Which word refers to a Mexican blanket often slipped over the head and worn
draped over the shoulder?

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Identify the meaning of the
three letter Greek prefix "geo."

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In the United States, how long is the term of a U.S. Senator?

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In Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstalking, whom does Pippi believe has become king of the cannibals?

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How much is a "baker's dozen?"

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