10 Items Every Riverdale Fan Should Have On Their Wishlist

It's time to grab the coolest fan merch at the best prices

Ariela Abir
Created by Ariela Abir
On Dec 4, 2019

Riverdale South Side Serpents PopSockets Grip

Shall we start with the most important thing in your life? Making your phone scream 'I'm a Riverdale fan' is easy - just buy a South Side Serpents PopSockets Grip and be prepared to be treated with the utmost respect.


AirPods Protective Skin Case

Now let's think about your AirPods. Whether you already have a pair, or you're about to get them from Santa, you can make their ordinary case fit your lifestyle with this South Side Serpents skin case.


Ankle No Show Socks

We got your phone covered, and now we can move on to clothes, or better yet - socks. If you have your priorities straight, you probably know that the best thing to ask for Christmas is socks. Well, you don't have to wait till Christmas to buy these, cause you can get 5 pairs for only $15.95.


Keds x Betty And Veronica Sneakers

These sneakers will go exceptionally well with the socks we just talked about. You know what they say, go big or go home.


Jughead Bi-fold Wallet

To make your outfit complete, grab this Jughead wallet, and let everyone know what team you're on.


Sticker Decal Set

Are you into journaling as much as we are? If so, you should probably know that someone made these amazing Riverdale stickers with the sole purpose of making your journal fulfill its true potential.


Monopoly Riverdale Board Game

Remember how you used to play Monopoly as a kid? Well, get your squad together for a board game night, cause Monopoly came out with a Riverdale version, and that's all you'll wanna do in your spare time from now on.


Clue Riverdale Board Game

How didn't we think of that? Clue, the game that helps you connect to your inner detective, also released a Riverdale version. Put your detective skills to the test, and send our regards to Colonel Mustard. He's probably in the kitchen.


Carrie: The Musical Original Television Soundtrack Red Vinyl

If you're hosting a game night, don't forget about the ambiance. The soundtrack of one of the most memorable episodes of the series, the one where the gang put on their version of Carrie: The Musical, would be a great fit for your Riverdale board game night.


16 Month 2020 Wall Calendar

As we all know 2020 is just around the corner, and there's no better way to prepare for it than buying a 2020 calendar that features all of your favorite stars. We're crossing our fingers that they put Jughead's photo on our birth month.