Guys, what sort of first-dater are you?

Are you a first-dating piranha with sharp teeth and a harsh exterior that repels suitors? Are you a unicorn dater with an angelic presence and a divine personality that simply hasn’t been in the right place at the right time? Take our dating questionnaire to find out:

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On Jan 12, 2017

What would you do if your friend called and gave you a spare ticket to a match last minute on the night of a date? Would you..

The food in the restaurant was sub-par and when the waiter asks at the end of the meal if you enjoyed it, do you

Your meal is over and the bill has arrived, you’ve had a lovely date and enjoyed the food. Do you

You are on your date, having the LOL’s and your phone rings. Do you

During conversation with friends you would ordinarily curse to add emphasis to a statement. When you are on a date, do you

You enjoy an alcoholic beverage and you are particularly nervous before your date, do you

You’ve had a recent break-up or lost a partner. You have unresolved feelings and your ex is still on your mind. On a first date with someone new, do you

You realise that time has got away from you after a busy day, which means you will be late for your date. Do you

You are preparing for your date and really looking forward to it. Do you

You arrive slightly ahead of your date and the waiter has seated you by the time she arrives and walks towards your table. Do you

Dating Piranha

Dating Piranha

You have sharp teeth and you bite! You have a thorny exterior that can scare off even the keenest of suitors. You are unlikely to allow anyone to get close enough to talk to you let alone fall in love. For those that do find themselves sharing a candle-lit dinner with you, they cannot wait to yell ‘cheque’ and make their escape. If you want to meet someone you’ll need to address your dating etiquette and make some significant changes or you are in for a lonely life.

Dating Puppy

Dating Puppy

Some people love you, some people don’t but mostly you are not offensive. While you can bite, it’s only if someone rubs you up the wrong way. You commit some minor dating faux pas that, with some simple changes, could seriously improve your first date rankings. Your cuddles are good and you’ll eventually find yourself the perfect match to be loyal to.

Dating Unicorn

Dating Unicorn

A rarely seen majestic creature that oozes perfection. You are a very impressive date and no doubt get a gold star from all of your matches. You do everything right when it comes to attracting partners but you just have not been in the right place at the right time. Soon you will be snapped up when your perfect match finds you and will never let you go.