Are Titanium earrings Safe for women?

Antonella Mantilla
Created by Antonella Mantilla
On Apr 10, 2018
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Have you ever experienced pain swelling or itching when you wear certain kinds of earrings? You are bound to face such issues if you are wearing anything that is made of metals that are cheap and expensive. Furthermore, it also means that you have earlobes that are sensitive. Piercing the ears is the most common form piercing on the body and both men as well as men love to go shopping for trendy accessories for adorning their ears. However, most of the individuals have the most sensitive kind of earlobes that are vulnerable to developing reactions from metals especially if there is something like nickel. Have you ever given titanium a thought as a metal to be worn on your lobes? Here are reasons that shall highlight its importance.

Is body friendly unlike other metals

There are many metals that used to be worn as body jewelry however not all are as safer as a pair of Titanium earrings. This is because they are considered safe as well as friendly for the body. You may find white gold or platinum but just to break your bubble, despite being quite expensive it cannot be suitable at all for any kind of initial piercings. While gold can be used despite it being used with other metals yet white gold can actually cause a lot of reactions because nickel is added into the white gold mixture both for strength and color. Hence popular ornaments especially earrings have to be made from surgical grade titanium.

It is biocompatible

Titanium earrings are biocompatible to human ears because the metal is compatible with the entire body. It remains to the skin and it is this neutrality that makes it convenient to be used in the field of medicine. Neutrality works great for both sensitive skin and medicinal purposes. There is no discoloration or irritation on the skin thus making it suit perfectly. It is a high-tech durable material that is eco-friendly at the same time. Today the qualities it possesses are being appreciated by people all over the world. This is also the reason why the metal is tremendously being used in the leisure as well as sports industry. The fact that it has medical applications makes it the perfect choice for your earlobes.

Light and strong

Titanium is one fourth times lighter than gold and offers corrosion resistance besides stronger strength than any metal offers. Initially the metal could not be processed or handled because it was found to be too hard but now the companies have come up with all kinds of jewelries, especially earrings. This has made the product line from titanium widened through challenging spirit and creativity. The color is gunmetal gray besides being tinged with dark black color. Beauty that earrings made from the metal exude can be compared to the jewelry made from gold or platinum as well.

The decision

So would you consider wearing titanium earrings in your ears? Certainly, mainly because the reasons mentioned above are evidence enough that the metal is safe. You can wear it even after you have got yourself pierced for the first time. It is not affected by body’s salty sweats. 

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