Would You Survive Jurassic Park?

You're first in line to visit the much anticipated dinosaur theme park. What could be more exciting than seeing a T-Rex in the flesh? Well, you're about to find out.

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On Jul 1, 2015

First of all, why are you at Jurassic Park?

What's the first dinosaur exhibit you want to see?

Suddenly, your vehicle breaks down near the T-rex exhibit. You look through the car and grab...

You hear something approach the car. What do you do?

You encounter this dinosaur. How do you respond?

Which way now?

You find the park's visitor center! But you see a couple of kids getting attacked by a T-rex. You...

You make it safely inside the visitor's center and discover other survivors there. You...

The group comes up with a plan to turn the power back on in the park. What are you in charge of?

Do you think the park should be destroyed?

You are cornered by a couple velociraptors. What do you do?

Help has arrived! As you're running to the rescue helicopter, a T-rex attacks. You survive, but you lose...

The helicopter is just beyond the gate. Cut the right wire, and it will open:

You Die, But Heroically.

You Die, But Heroically.

At least you're not the hired gun that gets picked off first. Instead, you distract the raptors so the rest of the survivors can escape. You'll be fondly remembered as a hero, and also a reminder that dinosaurs and humans simply don't mix.

You Get Eaten First.

You Get Eaten First.

Unfortunately, you have terrible survival instincts, and the park's latest experiment snaps you right up. At the very least, you probably bought some time for the other survivors to escape.

You Barely Escape!

You Barely Escape!

Wow, for a second there, you didn't think you were going to make it. But luckily, a bigger predator swooped in and saved your life. You're lucky to be alive.

Of Course You Survive!

Of Course You Survive!

You have figured out what makes even the biggest dino tick, and you use that to your advantage. The other survivors relied on your expertise to navigate all of the perils of the park, and they owe you a debt of gratitude.