How Great Do You Know The Great War?

Military, Historical, Political and other questions about The First World War.

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On Mar 10, 2015
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Who was shot in Sarajevo?

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Which side did Bulgaria fight on?

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In Flanders' Fields' is one of the most famous poems of the war. Which birds
'Still Bravely Singing, Fly,
Scarce Heard Amid the Guns Below" ?

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Which country was not neutral or non-belligerent?

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Which was not an innovation introduced in the Great War?

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Which real person's face was on the most famous recruiting poster of the war?

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Who shot down The Red Baron?

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The 'Miracle on the Marne' where the French armies repulsed a powerful attack in September 1914 has been attributed to the speed of reinforcements sent to the front. The legend surrounding the miracle is that the soldiers got to the battlefield

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All four of Ex-President Roosevelt's sons saw combat in The Great War. Which one died flying a mission?

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Which of these countries gained independence as result of World War One?

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Which of these songs was not popular with soldiers during The Great War?

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Which Commonwealth country's forces did not land in Gallipoli?

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Which American writer served on the Western and Italian fronts?

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A new tactic which was first used at The Battle of The Somme River in July 1916 was:

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English Writer-Officer Wilfred Owen

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In 1917 this army's near mutiny and refusal to attack almost caused its government to withdraw from the war. It was put down and several of its leaders were executed.

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In 1908 British First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jackie Fisher correctly predicted to within three months the date that The Great War would begin. His prediction was based on:

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The Jewish air ace with the highest number of confirmed combat kills flew for which country?

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Which member of government in charge of conduct of the war, of one of the major combatant nations, died suddenly, halfway through the war?

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The first battle in which large numbers of tanks were used was:

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The Germans fighting them gave the U.S. Marines the nickname 'Devil Dogs' during which battle?

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Which country began the war allied to one side, and finished it as a combatant for the other?

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Where was the armistice signed?

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How many rulers lost their thrones as result of World War One?

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Which naval battle was won by Great Britain?

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