How Self-Aware Are You?

Do you have a clear perception of yourself?

Andrea Masters
Created by Andrea Masters
On Mar 3, 2015

How do others perceive you?

How often do you to say exactly what’s on your mind regardless of the consequence?

Do you find it hard to communicate with people whose opinions and backgrounds are different than yours?

Do you believe it’s important to sincerely praise the successes of others?

Do you change your tone of voice and/or attitude depending on who you are with?

Are you good at empathizing with others?

Are you often surprised by the criticism others give you?

Do you have difficulty feeling and expressing anger, and then letting it go?

How do you behave in group settings?

How do you perceive yourself?

Extremely self-aware

Extremely self-aware

Wow! You are an extremely self-aware person! You have a clear perception of your own personality, strengths, weaknesses and emotions. You know exactly how others perceive you and how your thoughts and actions affect the world around you. You are very conscious of your roles in different social settings and other areas of your life, which makes you an excellent leader, role model and listener. Since you are good at putting yourself in other people's shoes, you are empathetic and encouraging towards others. Self-awareness is the first step to creating what you want in life and shaping your destiny.

Moderately self-aware

Moderately self-aware

Not bad! You are a moderately self-aware person! You are fully aware that your words and actions affect those around you, but you have trouble adjusting some of your impulses and behavior when you are experiencing intense emotions. Sometimes you get surprised because you never thought you had the reputation that you do, and the way others perceive you doesn't exactly line up with how you perceive yourself. Don't worry though, you have the ability to work on your self-perception and to reflect deeper on your personality, strengths and weaknesses to be the best person you can be and make positive changes in your life.

Sort of self-aware

Sort of self-aware

Oops, you are not a very self-aware person. You tend to shape your views and behaviors based on how others perceive you. You have a strong and unique personality deep down inside, but you have trouble recognizing that person since you are more concerned with looking outwards than in. There are some positives to this quality, though. You are an observant and analytical person who is able to absorb lots of information quickly, but you should work more on getting in touch with your inner self so that you can flourish into the best person you can be.