Why You Shouldn't Mess With Hermione Granger...

Hermione is one witch you just don't want to cross. Let's look at a few reasons why...

Amy Hogan
Created by Amy Hogan
On Mar 29, 2017

She can hold her own in a duel

I don't think Ron needed to worry about "going easy" on her.


She's not afraid to throw the first punch

Just ask Draco...


If you're getting a big head, she'll let you know

With physical force...


She's always smarter than you

Just think of the revenge plots she could think up. Best not risk getting on her bad side.


She might only have one match (er, wand)

But she can make an explosion...


If you act like a jerk, she'll treat you accordingly

Hopefully Ron learned this early on in the marriage.


Size doesn't matter

She will still put you in your place no matter how much bigger or stronger you are...