How Geeky Are You?

Geeks used to be the underdogs, the unpopular ones and the ones mocked and laughed at. But times have changed and nowadays geek is chic and in. Are you a classic geek from birth, or are you just fitting in with the trend? This test will determine just how much of a geek you are!

Amanda Pond
Created by Amanda Pond
On Apr 13, 2014

How many video games have you played in the past year?

What type of movies / TV shows do you like best?

Do you know any programming languages?

It's time to upgrade your mobile phone and you have the budget for it. How do you choose the make and model?

Which of the following was (or is) your favorite subject in school?

Your mobile phone has stopped working. What do you do?

On a typical Saturday night, you are most likely...

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over something, needing to know all there is to know on the subject?



There isn't a single geeky bone in your body. You prefer to party rather than study, and have someone else fix your computer, if need be. You're just too cool for this. You probably don't even wear glasses!!



Maybe you're just influenced by the trend, or maybe you just got it all perfectly balanced. You have some geeky traits, but they aren't as "hardcore" and they don't take over your life. You like some geeky things, but aren't nearly as obsessive about them as the uber-geeks. You actually get to enjoy both worlds



You are the geek supreme! You are likely to be interested in technology, science, gaming and geeky media such as SciFi and fantasy. All the mean kids that used to laugh at you in high school are now begging you for a job. Be proud of your geeky nature, for geeks shall inherit the Earth!