The Japanese media appraise and elect “The most beautiful anime girls!”

Alex Smith
Created By Alex Smith
On Jun 15, 2018
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The Japanese media appraise and elect “The most beautiful anime girls!”

What’s the most important thing for a girl? Yeah, it’s the lovely complexion. What, you mean the chest and the slim figure? They’re important, of course, but the lovely complexion got to come first. The Japanese media recently released a 10,000 vote: “the highest lovely complexion of the anime female characters” , let’s look at the choice of anime fans over there!
Violet Evergarden,” Violet Evergarden”

Met by Gilbert when she was a kid, had a military history. The name “violet” is from Gilbert. It means “violet.” Because she only knows to fight, but she cannot understand other people’s mood and express her own mood. In the custody of Leiden’s Eve Gardner family, but for a variety of reasons, it’s actually supervised by Horkins, president of C-h Mail

The appearance of silver hair and the half elf is the same as those of the jealous witch, she was feared by the people of Lugnica. Loving to take care of the people, but she is not honest to admit this, there is a little bit of natural dullness.
The spirit is more fragile than what she appears, and the Cat Puck, who is like her family. She only has showed coquetry on the Puck!

After losing her sister’s role, Rem has undertook the main work such as cooking, cleaning and so on, she can do better than Ram who is rem’s sister. Rem has a strong fighting ability and more important her chest than Ram.
Joan of Arc, ”Fate Series”

For a Servant, she was rather taciturn and cool, but the real her was still a simple, gentle 16-year-old girl. She shows herself as an entity, so she is very edible. She pays attention to all humans and spirits participating in the Holy Grail War.
Erina Nakiri,”Food Wars!”

She has a genius taste known as the “tongue of God”, she is able to discern the source area of salt with a blindfold. Known as “the monster of the Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute. ” She graduated as the head of the Middle Department.
Misaka Mikoto,”A Certain Scientific Railgun”

She is a cheery, garrulous 14 year old girl, because of her good looks and good grades, she has been loved by students at school. She is with a boyish temperament but a lack of patience and frank.
Asuna,”The Sword Art Online”

She is warm and kind so that she will not hesitate to help someone who will are suffering from disasters. She loves children and she can make good friends with around his husband‘s beautiful girls.
Sora Kasugano,” Yosuga no Sora 

She is so sweet and lovely, with a long and cream-colored hair, white skin.She like to carry a black rabbit doll, plain clothes for a white dress, head will tie two black bows. The character is capricious but also knows how to comfort her brother, she loves her brother Haruka Kasugano very much so that you think the love has surpassed the love between the elder brother and little sister.
These are the 8 most popular anime female characters selected by Japan Media. Which character in animes is your favorite? I like Rem. She is one of my favorite anime characters. Do you have a experience that you have bought the related products for anime characters such as kazuha migiwa, posters, hand to do and so on? I bought 2 Rem pillows at home. Do you think these 8 anime female characters are your love? Or you have a different goddess in your heart that you can share with me here.Thanks!