13 Problems Only Curly Haired Girls Will Understand

Why does my hair look like a pyramid WHY #curlyhairproblems

Alexandria Ramos
Created by Alexandria Ramos
On Apr 28, 2014

You wake up in the morning looking like the lovechild of Hagrid and Chewbacca


You think you're going to try that new hairstyle you saw on Pinterest, but it always ends up in a bun

It doesn't really know how to do anything else...


After washing it, you may realize that your hair is still, in fact, soaking wet in the middle even though the outside layers are dry

"I should have diffused"


When you get home, your hair looks completely different than when you left home

"Have I looked like this ALL DAY??"


And don't even think about wearing a hat unless you're willing to commit to it for the rest of the day...and probably some of tomorrow as well

"I can't take this hat off for a week"


No one knows how long your hair actually is until you straighten it. Then everyone is shocked that it's actually really long


When you wear your hair straight, people freak completely out


The weather greatly impacts how you wear your hair

"Does it feel a bit humid to anyone else?"


When other people try to do your hair for you...

They just. don't. get it.


When you're washing your hair, bobby pins fall out and you get super confused because you didn't put any in that day



People ask you why you don't just straighten it and you're just like...


There are times when you seriously consider pulling a Britney Spears

"This is so much better"


But deep down, you know you were blessed to have such a glorious mane

Werk it