Top 7 Broad City Moments That Made You Proud To Be A Feminist

In preparation for season 4 (which premieres August 23rd) — we wanted to take you through the top 7 moments of Broad City that made you so effing proud to be of the lady tribe.

Alana Garcia
Created by Alana Garcia
On Jul 12, 2017

When Abbi "womans up" and pegs Jeremy

After finally getting a date with her hot neighbor, Abbi freaks out when he pulls out a strap-on. She panics for a second...but then does it anyway. Cause why the hell not.


When Abbi lets one rip in her chiropractor's office

After getting an adjustment from her chiro to fix her stiff neck, Abbi lets one rip, and feels no shame about it. Cause everybody farts, just like everybody cries.


When Ilana picks up a hot dude at the bar

After getting rejected by her Facebook contacts, Ilana decides to go out and hit on guys IRL. She's the kinda chick that grabs what she wants cause screw gender roles. If she wants to get laid, she's gonna go get her a hot boy to f*ck, simple as that.


When Abbi dances around her apartment naked

She's finally alone and sees this as a perfect opportunity to express herself in all of her naked glory. Cause that's just what she does.


All the times Ilana was open about her sexual needs

Alana's horny pretty much 24/7 and she doesn't cares who knows it. Women want sex just as much as guys do — for Ilana maybe even more so.


When a random dude tells them to smile

Ilana and Abbi do the perfect back-handed burn. Is this what you had in mind mister?


When Ilana joins the Hilary Clinton campaign

Even though it ended up being a volunteer position, Ilana will always stand behind the lady who fights for women rights 'til the day she dies.