12 Things Only People Who Wear Sweatpants 80% Of The Time Can Relate To

Sweatpants are god's gift to you and you are eternally grateful.


You take off your jeans and replace them with sweatpants literally seconds after you come home.

The moment you walk in the door, "it's pants off time".


You wish you could walk around in just your underwear, but sweatpants are a close second.

Sweatpants are just a hair away from being in just your underwear.


Your friends secretly judge you for wearing them in public, but you don't care.

Your comfort is and always will be your top priority.


You're totally digging this norm-core trend.

You know it's not the more attractive looking thing, but the fact that sweatpants are currently socially acceptable to wear in public is more than you can ever ask for.


Wearing jeans or any kind of tight pants feels like a "special occasion" versus your ol' reliable sweats.

It feels like you're really "going out on the town" when you squeeze on your jeans.


You'll wear your plain black pair out in hopes people think that they're dress pants.

No one has ever questioned you and hopefully it stays that way...


Staying comfy boosts your mood.

You are your best self when you're wearing your heather-grey fleece.


You subscribe to the "athletic trend" just so you can wear your sweats in public.

It's not that you think sweatpants look cool...it's just that you want an excuse to wear them 100% of the time.


You love not having to change before bed.

Wearing sweatpants means saving on washing pyjamas. It's a win-win.


You'll do a load of laundry just so you can wash your comfy pants.

On the other hand, you've been known to do small loads just so you can have a clean pair of sweats.


Wearing a matching sweatsuit is your idea of "putting in effort".

This is your idea of "high fashion".


You never have to worry about "not fitting" into them.

Sweatpants make you feel thin and fabulous!