How Well Do You Speak "San Diegan?"

Here in San Diego we have our own unique lingo. Take this quiz by "The AJ Show" on Energy 103.7 to see how well you "Speak San Diegan."

AJ Machado
Created By AJ Machado
On Nov 30, 2016
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If I just ran into a bunch of "Zonies" what did I run into?

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What would a San Diegan call these?

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How about this guy's shorts?

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If I just jumped on the "Blue Line" what did I jump on?

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If someone says "Hella" you immediately know they're from....

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Although it's officially called the "San Diego County Fair" , true locals insist on calling it.....

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If I'm headed to "The Island" where am I going?

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If you just got back from a night of partying here, where were you...

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If a San Diego bar is offering any drink you want for $5, what will they call that drink special?

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