Tell us your Summer preferences and we'll tell you what 9.0 Swimwear to buy!

Summer's coming! If you're a self-confessed beach bum in need of a cute bikini, we've got the perfect quiz to sort you out. Describe your ideal Summer, and we'll choose a 9.0 Swim piece to live in this season!

Aisha Sini
Created by Aisha Sini
On Oct 24, 2018

What's your favourite thing to do at the beach?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Pick a cocktail.

What's your go-to Summer hairstyle?

What's the perfect way to spend a Summer evening?

Pick a place to swim.

Pick a Summer fruit to snack on.

Pick a pair of sunglasses.

Pick a song from 2017.

And finally, pick a Summery Instagram caption!

Caribbean One Piece

Caribbean One Piece

This luxurious one-piece combines style and comfort! If you want a gorgeous bathing suit with a little more coverage, the Caribbean One Piece is perfect. The 80's high cut will give you legs for days, and the plunging neckline and back let you show a little skin. No more fussing about bikini ties and losing things in the waves- you're ready to dive right in!

Shop the Caribbean One Piece at Beginning Boutique:

Montego Bikini Top

Montego Bikini Top

The Montego Top is the stand-out style of the season! If you want to turn heads and stay on trend, this bikini top hits the spot. Why not stand out in bold red and show this beach what you're made of?

Shop the Montego Underwire Bikini Top at Beginning Boutique:

Tulum Bikini Bottoms

Tulum Bikini Bottoms

Are you lowkey highkey? The Tulum Bikini Bottoms are the perfect way to spice up your bikini and keep the eyes where you want them. These bottoms are a great understated statement to turn heads!

Shop the Tulum Bikini Bottoms at Beginning Boutique:

Tahiti Shirred Bikini Set

Tahiti Shirred Bikini Set

Been looking for the perfect bikini? The Tahiti Shirred Bikini Set is the perfect bikini to toss in your beach bag or wear underneath your favourite kimono. This dynamic duo in a crisp white and simple cut is perfect for a low maintenance Summer look, while the shirred detail keeps things luxurious and unique.

Shop the Tahiti Shirred Bikini Set at Beginning Boutique: