QUIZ: Kick or Treat? A Football-Meets-Halloween Special

If you wish to watch this sport again, answer me these questions ten...

Aiden Cusick
Created by Aiden Cusick
On Oct 30, 2015
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Whose ghost was said to haunt Arsenal's former Highbury home?

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Fans at Racing Club's 2014 fixture with River Plate claimed to have caught what on camera?

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How did Romelu Lukaku respond to trick or treaters during an early encounter with the Halloween tradition?

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Medium Derek Acorah, of Most Haunted fame, was on the books of Liverpool FC during his teens.

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What was the nickname of former Manchester City, Norwich and Sheffield Wednesday winger Ian Mellor, father of ex-Liverpool striker, Neil.

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Luis Saurez is known for his Dracula-like tendencies, but who was his first bite victim on European soil?

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The 1999 song Zombie Nation, by German electronic artist Kernkraft 400, became popular with which home nation during Euro 2016 qualifying?

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Which Scottish football club are known as the 'Terrors'?

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Which lesser-known Class of '92 member shares a name with a famous fictional ghost?

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Bolivian footballer Marco Etcheverry was nicknamed what?

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