Alfalfa Feta Sorting

find out which founder's category you belong to

Created By AFOfficial
On Mar 29, 2017

Which two words best describe you?

Which thing do you enjoy most?

Outfit most likely to wear?

What colors best describe you/your personality

Introverted or Extraverted?

Biggest fear?

Tumblr or Instagram?

Pick a musician/group

Hot weather or cold weather?

Fav subject?

Spongebob or Chowder?

Neon or Pastel

Do you like Bucky Barnes?

Makeup or nah

Do you secretly want a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Stressed about the future?




Founder: Audrey Chang
Theme Colors: light blue and eggplant
Those belonging to the Alfalfa house are extremely kind and loving. They are very respectable and creative, often enjoying some form of visual art (watercolor aesthetic). Alfalfians take weekly camping trips, where they often take time to look at the stars. Although Alfalfians may seem quiet and shy, they hide a surprisingly mischievous side that opens up around close friends. They are compassionate and loyal to friends.



Founder: Cate Allen
Theme Colors: dark green and ruby (gemstones not christmas colors)
Those in the Ostrich house are intelligent, clever, yet caring all at the same time. They have a slight flair for the dramatic and enjoy/hate puns. Ostrichians are friendly to any they meet, and often lend a shoulder to cry on. They have a fairly high stress level, and often put more on themselves than they should. These kind souls are fiercely loyal to friends and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Ostrichians also like a good debate, despite their caring nature.



Founder: Sue Zhang
Theme Colors: SK's hair (golden red sort of) and Navy
Members (or should I say memebers) of Feta are very bubbly and loud. They love to debate, and love puns. Fetas are very loud spoken and also stand unwaveringly for what they believe is right. It may not seem like it at first, but they are also very caring and thoughtful. If you watch anime, you probably qualify (just saying). also seXUAL INNUENDOS OMG



Founder: Cameron Stacy
Theme Colors: Royal Blue (almost navy) and gold
Members of Camel are powerhouses with fierce determination. They are very goal-oriented and often have most of their future planned out. Because of their extreme drive, they are often very intimidating and seem angry probably. They care deeply for close friends, and show affection through slightly insulting insults that are still endearing. Camels are also creative, but are more likely to be focused on things that fit in with their future and fuel success. Although they probably won't admit it, Camels like to look through memes.



Founder: SK Steen
Theme Colors: Burgundy and Silver/Navy
VELVET. Members of Goat are often very paradoxical. They are introverted, yet may appear weird and kind of loud outwards. They are very creative and love art and music and such. Similar to Alfalfa, Goats are very empathetic and deep-thinking. They like to contemplate the deep things in life, and hate small talk. FLUFFY SOCKS AND SWEATERS. Goats are also kind of wise and love to listen, yet are also pretty awkward especially around people they don't know. They have a strong discomfort with conflict and also have very intense emotions (pretty anxious too). They can be extremely sassy and spunky and also mature and chill.