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Mr. 360, Abraham Benjamin de Villiers turns 34 today. That he’s had an impact on the game of cricket would be an understatement. A great ambassador of the game, he’s been the face of the sides he has played for, be it South Africa or the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. On his 34th birthday, let’s see if you have all the statistical angles on this batting whiz covered.

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On Feb 17, 2018
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AB de Villiers was out for a duck five times in a single year in ODIs, which year was it?

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Who was AB de Villiers’ first Test wicket?

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AB de Villiers has been stumped five times in One-Day Internationals. Who was the bowler when he was dismissed for the first time in that fashion.

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Who was the first captain under whom AB de Villiers played a game in the Indian Premier League?

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In which country apart from home, has AB de Villiers hit the most number of centuries in One-Day Internationals?

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How many wickets has AB de Villiers taken in the ODI format?

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AB de Villiers has been dismissed Hit Wicket only once in his career. Against which bowler did AB suffer the ill fate?

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Against which top eight Test-playing nation, does AB de Villiers not have a Test century?

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AB de Villiers has scored an ODI century only once while opening the batting. Who did it come against?

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Which bowler has dismissed AB de Villiers the most number of times in Tests?

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