Will A 3D Camera Mobile Phone Prove Beneficial For People?

Will A 3D Camera Mobile Phone Prove Beneficial For People?

People that are using the smartphones which are presently available in the market will certainly not be aware of the kind of benefits they can get from a 3D camera mobile phone. They would consider the device they are using as perhaps the best available especially when they use the smartphone for face recognition. However 3D face recognition is entirely different than the technology which is presently being used by major manufacturers including Samsung and Apple.

The benefits of a 3D camera mobile phone will only be understood by industry professionals that already using handheld devices for scanning objects of various types. They will understand that the technology is capable of bringing augmented reality into their homes or offices depending on where they are using the devices. However, they too will be concerned about the costs of the technology which is embedded into handheld devices.

Developers such as Mantis Vision who are the pioneers of 3D technology have taken the lead to make it available for devices of different types and are also the sellers of the F6 handheld scanner. After reducing the size of the technology to minuscule levels they have also reduced the costs while adding advanced algorithms to ensure it is available to everyone. They have targeted the industry of smartphones and have begun offering it as an OEM to manufacturers for use in a 3D camera mobile phone.

3D camera mobile phones will allow people to capture pictures from another dimension. They will be able to capture images of themselves to be posted to Facebook and even letting their friends play with the camera angle by using a 3D phone screen. It also offers them an opportunity to make themselves look younger by 10 years or change the frown on their face upside down.

Performing 3D scans is an expensive affair which is not available for regular smartphone users. It is presently being used by industry professionals in numerous fields and is only limited to them. Fortunately, the 3D face recognition technology developed by Mantis Vision will make it possible for everyone to utilize the benefits of 3D scanning in a place of their choice and even sharing the image captured two social media sites or even a printer. People do not need to believe they need to possess an expensive handheld device for this purpose because they will have the ability to perform the scan from the 3D camera mobile phone in their possession.

The benefits of 3D technology developed by Mantis Vision has not been understood by most until now. This is because it has taken some time for the company to develop new algorithms, reduce the size and most importantly even to reduce the costs of the technology in order to make it available for manufacturers of smartphones. As more and more smartphone manufacturers begin to use the technology while also making technology reviews is certain that people will begin to understand the full benefits of the latest smartphones which are available on the market. The changes are unlikely to be witnessed overnight as manufacturers of cell phones are yet to adopt the technology. However, people can rest assured this will be the future of mobile smartphones and is likely to excite everyone into changing their existing devices.

With the costs of the technology being reduced people will have opportunities to purchase a 3D camera mobile phone at affordable prices although they may have to pay a premium during the initial stages. The benefits they get will, however, compensate them for the slightly higher prices they may pay by letting them enjoy the technology in the best way possible.