Which Shadowcat Nation Hero Is Your Perfect Man?

The Shadowcat Nation is a series of paranormal romance novels by Abigail Owen published by The Wild Rose Press.

The men of the Shadowcat Nation are all Alpha males and shifters. Each one is sexy, powerful, strong, and gorgeous. Find out which one is your best match!

Nick, Jaxon, Zac, Shane, or Gage?

Abigail Owen
Created by Abigail Owen
On Mar 12, 2016

What kind of flower would your perfect guy bring you?

What's your perfect first kiss?

What iconic movie relationship is most like what you'd want?

What characteristics does your ideal mate have?

What kind of books does your ideal guy read?

What's your ideal first date?

You have a fight...errrr...disagreement. How does your guy deal with it?

You're crying. How does your guy react?

What actor does your perfect guy look like?



A natural diplomat, Nick is in charge of inter-dare relations between his Keller Dare and the others of the Shadowcat Nation. Nick has thought only of Hannah for years, but waited for her to grow up before claiming her as his mate.

He is: loyal, constant, intelligent, thoughtful, dedicated, a savvy negotiator, and determined.

Read about Nick in Hannah's Fate - the short story prequel to The Shadowcat Nation series found in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology.




Jaxon is the Alpha of the Keller Dare who rules because he has his people's respect. Stealthier than even Andie, he plays by his own rules. Especially when it comes to love.

He is: confident, deliberate, in charge, fair, a leader, a fighter, sometimes playful, and needs a woman who can hold her own with him.

Read about Jaxon in Andromeda's Fall - the 1st book in the Shadowcat Nation series.




Zac Montclair is the leader of the polar bear shifters, a position he took on at a young age when his parents were killed in front of him. His calling in life is to protect and prosper the people he loves.

He is: hard, stand-offish, serious, powerful, loyal, brutal with enemies, yet soft with a lover.

Read about Zac in Sarai's Fortune - the 2nd book of the Shadowcat Nation.




Shane Callahan has no use for the Shadowcat Nation after his Alpha ordered his wife's death. He's lived for years with the polar bear shifters as one of their Protectors, although before that he was an accountant. Shane thirsts for revenge, and only the love of a spunky woman could pacify him.

He is: unsmiling, bitter, observant, intense, passionate, protective, and stubborn.

Read about Shane in Tieryn's Fury - the 3rd book of the Shadowcat Nation. (Coming 5/6/2016)




Gage McAvoy is was told his fate was to be the Alpha of a great tribe of shifters. To do that he must marry...the wrong sister. But fate has other things in store for him--like a spunky latent who isn't all she seems.

He is: charming, smart, serious, ambitious, smooth, secretly kind, more possessive than he realizes.

Read about Gage in Seneca's Faith, the 4th book of the Shadowcat Nation. (Coming end of 2016)