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Bryan Cranston- Best Actor, Trumbo
Aside from 'One Life to Live,' Cranston was in a Preparation H commercial in the 80s.
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Matt Damon- Best Actor, The Martian
When he was 18 he landed his first role alongside Julia Roberts in 'Mystic Pizza.'
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Leonardo DiCaprio- Best Actor, The Revenant
In 1989 his first role was in "The New Lassie."
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Michael Fassbender- Best Actor, Steve Jobs
In 2001 Fassbender was in a show about a group of friends living in London called "Hearts and Bones."
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Eddie Redmayne- Best Actor, The Danish Girl
'Animal Ark' was Redmayne's first role in 1997.
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Cate Blanchett- Best Actress, Carol
It's almost hard to even recognize Blanchett in her role in 'Police Rescue' in 1993.
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Brie Larson- Best Actress, Room
As a little girl, Larson played on 'Touched by an Angel' in 1998.
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Jennifer Lawrence- Best Actress, Joy
Lawrence played a high school mascot in 'Monk' in 2006.
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Charlotte Rampling- Best Actress, 45 Years
51 years ago, Rampling was quite the beauty in 'Rotten to the Core.'
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Saoirse Ronan- Best Actress, Brooklyn
Before 'Brooklyn' and even 'The Lovely Bones,' Ronan was in a show called "The Clinic" in 2003.
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Christian Bale- Best Supporting Actor, The Big Short
Bale was an adorable little boy in 'Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna' in 1986.
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Tom Hardy- Best Supporting Actor, The Revenant
Hardy was a young soldier in 'Band of Brothers' in 2001.
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Mark Ruffalo- Best Supporting Actor, Spotlight
Ruffalo's grown up a lot since his role in "There Goes My Baby" in 1994.
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Mark Rylance- Best Supporting Actor, Bridge of Spies
Rylance took to the stage in 2000 to play 'Hamlet.'
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Sylvester Stallone- Best Supporting Actor, Creed
Stallone's come a loooong way since his first role in 'The Party at Kitty and Stud's' in 1970.
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Jennifer Jason Leigh- Best Supporting Actress
Before "The Hateful Eight," Leigh got her film role break in the horror flick "Eyes of a Stranger"
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Rooney Mara- Best Supporting Actress, Carol
Mara was in a creepy tv movie called 'Urban Legends: Bloody Mary' in 2005.
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Rachel McAdams- Best Supporting Actress, Spotlight
Remember 'The Famous Jett Jackson?' McAdams was on the show in 2001.
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Alicia Vikander- Best Supporting Actress, The Danish Girl
Vikander started out on a Swedish teen drama called "Andra Avenyn," or "Second Avenue," in 2007.
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Kate Winslet- Best Supporting Actress, Steve Jobs
Winslet was quite the moody teenager in 1991's "Dark Season."
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