Conor vs. The World

Conor McGregor (21-3) is the golden boy of the UFC, and his fellow fighters want a piece of him. In honor of the upcoming UFC 209 pay-per-view (PPV) event, we want to know who you think can take down The Ghost, and who you think will win the top billings at UFC 209. Who's going to hoist the belt? UFC 209 - Woodley vs. Thompson 2, Khabib vs. Ferguson - March 4, Las Vegas

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On Feb 17, 2017
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Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0)

Khabib is the undefeated mad Russian who sits promptly behind McGregor in the Lightweight standings, and is the most likely matchup if he wins UFC 209 against Tony Ferguson. Khabib thinks Conor wants nothing to do with him, “I can see it in his eyes.”

Who wins?

Conor McGregor vs. Tony Ferguson (23-3)

El Cucuy will be the most likely to challenge Conor in the Lightweight division if he defeats Khabib in UFC 209 for the interim Lightweight Championship. The prospect of taking on McGregor doesn’t faze him, in fact, he thinks McGregor is searching for ways out of fighting him: “He’s trying to look for excuses on his way out.” Ferguson also called out McGregor saying, “Who knows if McNuggets is going to come in there and defend his belt. That poor bastard has never defended even one belt in his entire life.”   

Who wins?

UFC 209 - Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson

This upcoming powerhouse matchup will provide one of them the right to challenge McGregor’s belt in the Lightweight class. Though Khabib has a perfect record, Ferguson hasn’t lost a fight since 2012. (UFC 209 – March 4 in Las Vegas)

Who wins?

Conor McGregor vs. Tyron Woodley (16-3-1)

Woodley is the current Welterweight title-holder, retaining his belt in a majority draw against Stephen Thompson in UFC 205. If Conor were to battle Woodley in the Welterweight division and come out victorious, he would be the first three-division champion in UFC history.

Who wins?

Conor McGregor vs. Stephen Thompson (13-1-1)

"Wonderboy" Thompson has stated that McGregor wouldn't be able to handle the size differential if he moved up to 170-lb Welterweight division: "I think he's just going to be thrown around like a little rag doll."

Who wins?

UFC 209 - Tyron Woodley (16-3-1) vs. Stephen Thompson (13-1-1)

Woodley vs. Thompson 2 is set to be a powerhouse Welterweight bout at UFC 209. Woodley wasn't too pleased with the draw decision against Thompson at UFC 205. A score will be settled on March 4, and the victor will likely move on to top-ranked contender Demian Maia, or former champ Robbie Lawler.

Who wins?

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz (20-11)

Everyone loves a good rivalry. Conor and Diaz have faced off twice now (UFC 196, UFC 202) with Diaz taking the initial bout, and McGregor redeeming in the rematch. The people want a rubber match, but Dana White won’t make the fight due to the intensity and punishment of their battles: “There’s only so many of those wars you can be in, in your career, and it takes a lot out of you. Some guys go into wars like that and they’re never the same after.”

Who wins?

Conor McGregor vs. Nick Diaz (26-10)

Older Brother to Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz could pose one of the biggest challenges to McGregor. Nick apparently turned town an opportunity to fight McGregor this past year, because he thought his brother should be the one in the Octagon with the Irishman. Diaz turned down fighting Tyron Woodley, as well, because the money wasn’t where he wanted it to be… The time might be right for that McGregor fight - Joe Rogan has claimed that this is the biggest fight to make in UFC, and that the windfall of money would be huge. 

Who wins?

Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo (26-2)

Aldo fell to McGregor in UFC 194 in a mere 13 seconds, but the Featherweight champ will want another shot if he’s able to beat out Max Holloway for the undisputed title at UFC 212 on June 3rd in Rio de Janiero. McGregor was stripped of his 145-lb title at the end of year.

Who wins?