What should your dog be for Halloween?

Lost for costume ideas for your pooch? Not sure what your pet's costume says about you as a dog parent? Take this handy quiz to get some inspiration! From crafty and clever to classic canine, we've got some great ideas for you.

Created By Rover.com
On Sep 20, 2018

How would you rate your Halloween spirit?

Group costumes are:

How patient is your dog?

What is your dog's best quality?

How crafty are you?

Store-bought costumes are:

Are you closest to a:

Which of these costumes is actually the scariest?

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, or your dog is suffering through a cone, cast, wheels, or other physical setback, the handy costumer can take inspiration from materials at hand to create a signature look, such as martini glass or fire truck. Last year’s pugkin spice latte was a huge hit!

You truly love Halloween and want to share that passion with friends and family. A traditionally frightful costume will always win friends and admirers! Classic costumes are always fashionable year after year--a great investment! Freddie Krueger is a lovable bad boy.

Literary, cinematic, or pop cultural icon

Literary, cinematic, or pop cultural icon

If you’re a current events junkie, the world is your oyster! Expect to see lots of Elsas, Maleficents, and Rocket Raccoons out there, so be ready to take it to the next level or choose a vintage movie like Back to the Future for reference.

A completely different animal

A completely different animal

In a hurry? Don’t worry! With no time and just a little inspiration, transform your dog into another creature! Really pressed for time? A toddler’s animal onesie is now your Frenchie's Halloween triumph!

Unlikely profession

Unlikely profession

You want more out of life. Out of your children. Out of your dog. Your dog is a dogtor for halloween. You’re welcome.