How Well Do You Know Pugs?

Are you a hardcore pug lover? Pugs are gloriously wrinkly little balls of joy. They snort, they snore, they sing along to your favorite songs, but do you know their mysterious origins? Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes to call yourself a pug aficionado. (No fair asking your pug for help.)
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On Sep 2, 2016
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What were pugs originally bred to do for work?

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What do pugs have more of than expected?

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What is the pug's motto?

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What was the first country outside of Asia to catch the pug bug?

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How many curls does the perfect pug tail consist of?

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What is a pack of pugs known as?

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How many times has a pug won Best in Show at Westminster?

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What's the most popular pug hybrid?

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Which superhero is favored by pugs?

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How long have pugs existed as a breed?

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